Environment Agency Launch Working with Natural Process R&D Framework


The Environment Agency have just published a Working with Natural Process research and development framework. The framework identifies research projects which need to be undertaken to help Flood Risk Management Authorities deliver flood risk management sustainably, improving the environment for people and wildlife.

The framework incudes:

  • Inception Report – summary of the evidence gaps and development of research priorities.
  • Science Report – summary of the priority research projects.
  • Data and evidence register – spreadsheet database of key research in this field.
  • List of project – summary of the key projects.

The reports can be accessed here by navigating to the project documents tab.

The framework will be used to help prioritise projects for funding as part of the DEFRA/Environment Agency Joint flood and coastal risk management research programme.

If you would like to find out more about the framework it will be launched at the CIWEM Natural Flood Management conference on the 10th of September.