MARCH WEBINAR: Wednesday 30th March, 12.15pm

The costs and impacts of the winter 2013/14 floods by Lydia Burgess-Gamble, EA

Event date: Wednesday, 30th March 2016

Event venue: On-line

Event description:

Lydia Burgess-Gamble from the Environment Agency leads this webinar examining

'The costs and impacts of the winter 2013/14 floods.'

The webinar will begin at 12.15pm on March 30th, and will last for around 20 minutes.  Participants will have an opportunity to ask Lydia questions at the end of the presentation.  The event will close at 1pm and the webinar will be made available on the resources section of this webisite for those who cannot attend.

To join this webinar please use the participation link here on our events page.