Challenging Diversity in Engineering - Dr Haynes Leads the Way

Challenging Diversity in Engineering

The Royal Society of Edinburgh (RSE) recognise that, despite decades of campaigning, there are still low numbers of senior women in many academic fields, not just the sciences. Even in disciplines with more women in total, most of those women are early or mid-career: few are reaching the most senior levels of academic recognition.  .   In a bid to challenge this trend, the Young Academy of the RSE is profiling the progress, successes and milestones of some of Scotland's most talented mid-career women in research from across a whole range of disciplines. The “Women in Academia Now: experiences of mid-career academic women in Scotland”  portfolio will be launched by Dame Jocelyn Bell-Burnell on Thursday 9th June, 2016 at the RSE, George Street, Edinburgh and it is hoped that the brochure will be a source of inspiration to early career researchers beginning their journey in academia. 

One of the 33 women profiled is the Heriot-Watt University's Water Academy’s Dr. Heather Haynes, whose research seeks transformative approaches to flood risk assessment to better account for flow sequences, flood clusters and channel morphodynamics. Heather makes an outstanding contribution to the Water Academy’s international research portfolio, and has made huge contributions to our Network's work on Flood Risk Management. Rather than experiencing challenges in working in what some might describe as a ‘male-dominated’ discipline, her view is that it has provided her professional opportunities in supporting and mentoring the ever-growing number of female students and researchers aspiring to be our future engineers.

You can read Heather’s full contribution here from June 9th.