FCERM.net Annual Assembly Breakout - Community Engagement

In this discussion group, we asked participants to discuss 'Community Engagement', and specifically 'What is the Need or Problem that should be addressed? What approaches could be used to approach the problem and What benefit or impact is there?'

The resounding response was that the most successful Flood Risk Management projects occur when communities are engaged, informed and feel empowered. However, the opinion was that where communty engagement is occuring in FRM, it is occurring within the same, exisiting communities time and time again. 

There Need, therefore, is to a) Demonstrate the importance (and benefits) of engaging with communities to Flood Risk Managers to support more of this work and b) Engage with new communities, and especially those in urban areas

The discussion raised many more questions, which can be themed simply as follows.  Please share your thoughts with us around the issues raised below:

  1. How can we better understand how ‘communities’ are created?
  2. Are there lessons that can be learned from public health campaigns in terms of how to successfully engage with the general public?
  3. How can we more effectively give voice/ empower?