FCERM.net Final Newsletter

Dear Colleagues

Welcome to the final edition of the FCERM.net news.  In this edition we move away from sharing international news  from the Flood Risk Management sector to provide a summary of outputs from the network with a specific focus on the emerging trends from the UK Flood Risk Community including:

Top Picks for August

In Perspective Blog - Engaging Communities through Language

Following on from breakout discussions at the Annual Assembly, the Environment Agency’s Jacqui Cotton is the author of this month’s blog on communicating with the public 'Talking about floods - be brave, drop the numbers!'.  The concept of Language and Communication for engaging with communities was one of six ‘Research Needs’ breakout sessions.    In the blog Jacqui encourages us, as a community of Flood Risk Managers to really think about what information the public need and want to hear.  Salience, she argues, is key to engaging with the public in meaningful, impactful ways.

If you would like to contribute to the discussion, join us on the ' Speaking the Same Language' chat on the Community Forum.

Free Resources

Over the last three years, we’ve been compliing resources produced from the field of research, from conferences and from sources such as our own webinars, as well as contributions that our colleagues have highlighted to us – like this short innovative video by Steven Forest.

Before our funding comes to an end in September, we’ll be making a concerted effort to ensure all of these materials are housed in our on-line resource database so that they are easily and freely accessible.  If you have anything you’d like included, please just let us know.

A place for connection

We’ve developed our on-line forum to ensure your conversations and collaboration can continue in between our face-to-face events.  We don’t quite know yet if there will be funding for another Assembly, but in the meantime we’d like to invite you to capitalise on the connections you made at our last meeting.  We’ll be posting the discussion themes you selected at the event, with some brief notes of what was discussed. 

Join in the conversation at The Community Forum.  The first discussion to be posted is ‘Community Engagement’.  The others will follow shortly including Health and Well-Being, NFM and Language and Commuication.

Upcoming Events

BHS Symposium – Hydrologists make the World Go Round

Date:  Tuesday, 30th August 2016 to Thursday, 1st September 2016

Venue: Cranfield University, College Road, Bedford

More information


Flood Management Association Annual Conference

Date: Tuesday, 6th September 2016 to Friday, 9th September 2016

Venue: The Hyatt Regency, Sacramento, CA

More information


ARCC network: KE skills development workshop – ‘Engaging stakeholders to achieve impact’

Event date: Wednesday, 12th October 2016 to Thursday, 13th October 2016

Event venue: York

More information


A Final Word

You Made the Difference!

We would like to take this opportunity to thank each and every one of our members.  Your participation in our webinars, discussions and events has helped us achieve something that we are commended for in your feedback; for facilitating discussion between professionals from policy, practice and research - and for doing this across the whole of the UK.  Your thanks for this is much appreciated, but it would not have been possible without your enthusiasm, willingness to participate and your appetite to contribute.   Thank you for your support in making the Flood and Coastal Erosion Risk Management Network an open and welcoming environment for exchanging knowledge and practice.

With sincere thanks,