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News from the Community

A team of scientists at the University of Southampton, National Oceanography Centre and the British Oceanographic Data Centre has compiled a new 100-year database of coastal flooding for the UK. The database, and accompanying online tool called ‘SurgeWatch’, currently contains information of 96 large storms during this period, the highest sea levels they produced, and a description of the coastal flooding that occurred during each event.This new database will improve understanding of the statistics of extreme sea levels around the UK.

Twitter used to create real-time flood maps

For first responders, up-to-date, real-time information about the extent of a flood is crucial.  Now, with the widespread uptake of mobile technologies that enable instant communication, information about flood events, locations and people affected can be determined using data from social media.  The joint study by two Dutch organisations has developed a new mapping tool that uses real-time data from tweets to help inform emergency services during a flood.

Probabilistic flood forecasting: worth the effort!

In a recent publication based on the European Flood Awareness System, researchers demonstrated that there are significant monetary benefits to be gained from implementing  continental-scale probabilistic flood forecasting system - in the order of 400 Euro for every 1 Euro invested. This work supports the wider drive to implement early warning systems at the continental or global scale to improve our resilience to natural hazards.

Climate Change and Water Resources - Stakeholder Engagement Workshops in India a Big Hit!

An essential element of a NERC project, Mitigating Climate Change Impacts on Indian Agriculture through improved Irrigation Water Management (MICCI), was demonstrating stakeholder engagement and impact.  In early June this year two stakeholder  workshops were delivered in Hamirpur and Roorkee, India. The aim was to disseminate project findings to relevant stakeholders, receive their feedback and ultimately raise awareness among the stakeholders about the impacts of climate change on water resources availability, agriculture, crop yield, etc  and the mitigation measures emerging from the project. The workshops were incredibly well-received by the participants and, in terms of longer-term impacts, there were commitments from stakeholder groups in both areas.


Impacts of flooding on critical infrastructure: A stakeholder-orientated approach

Date - Friday July 10th

Vanue - London

Event Description - The meeting is organized by BHS and Loughborough University, funded by a NERC Innovation project.  More information and booking.


ICE: Asset Recovery Programme in the South East

Date: Tuesday, 14th July 2015

Location: Worthing

Event Description: The speakers at this event are Colin Maplesden, Project Executive at the Environment Agency and Christopher Smith, Design Project Manager at Team Van Oord

More information


Water and Society 2015

Date: Wednesday, 15th July 2015 - Friday, 17th July 2015

Venue: A Coruna, Spain

Event Description: The third International Conference on Water and Society, organised by the Wessex Institute, UK.  Conference Topics Include: Water resources management, Water as a human right, Water quality, Water resources contamination amongst others.

More information


CIRIA - Planning for resilience:futureproofing infrastructure assets

Date: Thursday, 16th July 2015

Event venue:  London

Event description: This event will examine approaches to reducing the vulnerability of infrastructure, including the design of resilient infrastructure and retrofitting or future proofing existing infrastructure.

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