Sniffer and launch new web-based tool to support collaboration


The Flood and Coastal Erosion Risk Management Network Risk Management Network is collaborating with Sniffer to provide the FCERM community with an on-line space for collaboration and sharing of ideas and expertise. The initiative stems, in part, from the desire among the community to explore the co-creation of Flood Risk Management Research and Development projects expressed at the Sniffer Flood Risk Management Conference and at successsive Annual Assemblies.

The Community Forum is currently ready for review and will be piloted with a focus group before it official launch later in 2015.  The Forum will provide members of the Network with access to a bulletin-board style space that enables them to connect with other members.  Because the Forum will be for members only, it will provide the FCERM community with access to the UK’s flood professionals, whilst creating a sense of security about sharing information and having open discussion.  It is hoped that this initiative will foster stronger links between policy, practice and research and will aid sharing of best practice and expertise in a safe on-line environment.

If you are a researcher, preactitioner or policy-maker involved in the FCERM sector and would like to be considered for the focus group please use this link to note interest.

To enter the Community Discussion Forum


Sniffer is an environmental charity delivering knowledge based solutions to resilience and sustainability issues. Through innovative partnership approaches Sniffer shares good practice, synthesises and translates evidence, commissions new studies and targets communications, guidance and training. Sniffer has run the annual Flood Risk Management conference in Scotland, on behalf of Scottish Government, for the past 10 years.