Committee on Climate Change Report urges more action for Resillience


A new report by the government’s official adviser on preparing for climate change, The Committee on Climate Change has called for vital work to be undertaken to enhance the resilience of transport networks, homes, hospitals and water supplies to counter the more frequent and severe flooding and heatwaves that can be expected in future.

With specific reference to future flood risk, Professor David Balmforth, Institution of Civil Engineers (ICE) Flood Expert and Vice President, said:

“The Committee rightly highlights the growing need for a more comprehensive approach to UK flood resilience, particularly one that better reflects interdependencies – or the “domino effect” that can be felt across energy, transport, water and waste networks when a flood defence is overwhelmed. This disruption results in an even greater impact on society and the economy.”

The report highlights key areas for action including stepping up investment in flood defences, better maintenance of existing assets and a more prominent role in local flood risk management by councils.  The full report can be viewed here.

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