Dredging up Trouble? Recommendations for Future Flood Risk Management


The Blueprint for Water partnership, a coalition of organisations representing over two million members, have released a report that highlights the importance of considering a range of flood protection measures, other than dredging.  The report  Dredging up Trouble  identifies ten priority areas which would lose investment if funding was ring fenced solely for dredging including flood recovery, protecting life and public health and defending transport and utilities.    Dredging up Trouble coincides with the release of a report from the Royal Society, Resilience to Extreme Weather, that also has a similar message for those investing in flood defence infrastructure.   Both the Blueprint for Water partnership and The Royal Society are urging policy makers to adopt more holistic approaches to Flood Risk Management with specific consideration of sustainability and resillience. 

"Last winter’s floods were not exceptional and will happen again.  We must be prepared for these events and ensure that funding and appropriate flood risk management approaches are put in place.  The government must understand that this extends way beyond dredging and needs to encompass resilience, sustainable land use and other measures which are tried, tested and supported by evidence."  Alastair Moseley, Honorary Vice President, The Chartered Institution of Water and Environmental Management (CIWEM).