EA Launch New Channel Management Handbook


A new handbook promoting good practice for channel management has been developed. Written for the flood risk management authorities, the handbook brings together over 10years worth research and practice. It aims to help with the decisions of when and how to carry out channel management for flood risk and land drainage purposes

The aims and audience

The Handbook has been developed through the Joint Flood and Coastal Erosion Risk Management R&D Programme by a team of experts lead by Royal HaskoningDHV.  The handbook is a strategic, high-level guide on how to manage a watercourse channel to meet the objectives of flood risk management and land drainage. The specific aims are to:

  • Present the good principles of channel management alongside important scientific concepts so a channel manager can make informed decisions
  • Develop a process which ensures good channel management and helps to record the evidence used in channel management decisions

The handbook has been written and structured with flood risk management authorities in mind. Other organisations with a role in watercourse management as well as land owners adjacent to watercourses will also find the handbook useful.

“It provides a really useful framework for thinking through if and when channel management work is required. I hope that the Handbook will encourage the right conversations between the right people and ensure that decisions regarding channel management are recorded and well evidenced”.   Nev White, Environment Agency Project Executive


The handbook will be available soon to be downloaded for free at the EA/Defra FCERM Programme web pages