FCERM.net Closes with the Annual Assembly 2016


On June 29th, we held our final Annual Assembly associated with our EPSRC 3 year funding.   The event brought together those working across a spectrum of roles and organisations in Flood Risk Management.  The event aimed to provide opportunities for those working in different disciplines, organisations and sectors to connect, share best practice and to discuss emerging key themes and issues.

The keynpte addresses were designed to set the theme of 'Future-Thinking' in Flood Risk Management, and asked the question of the speakers

'Given the current evidence what attitudes, approaches and behaviours do we as the UK FCERM community need to adopt now, to build resilience into our practice?'

The middle part of the event was similarly dedicated to 'future-thinking', and provided our colleagues in industry with an opportunity to provide a perspective on innovative thinking in three different areas; 

  1. Adaptation in Urban Environments
  2. Planning and Building Resilience in Homes and Properties
  3. Innovation in Coastal Management

The final part of the day was dedicated to providing a platform for connection and discussion between our delates.  The afternoon sessions focused on learning about innovative practices and tools, and on future FRM research or knowlege needs.  In this second session on Needs,  delegates self-selected themes that are of importance to them in their current roles.  Familair themes such as NFM were flagged up as popular issues.  However there were interesting trends in emerging areas such as Health & Wellbeing, Community Engagment and Communication and Language.

We will be providing opportunities for delegates to continue these discussions on our community forum, as well as providing access to the session case studies, reports and links from the session leads.