Global Risks 2016 report published - water crisis ranked among top risks


Water crises and failure of climate change mitigation and adaptation ranked as top long-term risks

A report by the World Economic Forum, Global Risks 2016, has rated water crisis as one of the top three perceived ‘most impactful’ risks as rated by  almost 750 experts and decision-makers in the World Economic Forum’s multistakeholder communities.  In the Global Risks Perception Survey, participants are drawn from business, academia, civil society and the public sector and span different areas of expertise, geographies and age groups.

The survey asked respondents to consider 29 global risks over a 10 year timeframe. Risks were categorised as societal, technological, economic, environmental or geopolitical, where the respondent rates each according to their perceived likelihood of it occurring and impact if it does.

The failure of climate change mitigation and adaptation is perceived in 2016 as the most impactful risk for the years to come, ahead of weapons of mass destruction, ranking second, and water crises, ranking third.   The potential for climate change to exacerbate water crises,  was also considered the top ‘cascading risk’ with impacts including conflicts and more forced migration, calling for improved water governance to adapt to climate change and accommodate a growing population and economic development.

The full report can be found on the World Economic Forum website.