Government given 'Red Card' on Flooding


In its fifth report, The Environmental Audit Committee, examined progress in 10 areas of environmental policy under the current coalition government. The report aims to present the Committees ‘scorecard’ and highlight ‘the policy levers that need to be more rigorously applied to protect our environment while also promoting sustainable development’

The report uses a scorecard, a simple traffic lighting system that categorises satisfactory progress as green, unsatisfactory progress as amber, and deterioration as red to provide an overview of current progress on environmental policy.  The scorecard in the fifth report has given no green ratings for making satisfactory progress on any area of environmental policy, while seven areas were given an amber rating and three areas – air pollution, protecting nature and preventing flooding – were assigned a red rating, indicating deterioration in progress.

The scorecard highlights significant deterioration in progress made on policies relating to flooding.  Climate change was identified as a major factor putting increased pressure on coastal and flooding defences and leaving an estimated 2.4m properties at risk of flooding from rivers or the sea.  A government spokesman said:

“We completely disagree with the committee’s assessment – we are deeply committed to improving our natural environment."

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