Launch of CLIMATE JUST 'impact' tool


A new mapping tool, Climate Just, has been developed by Climate UK and the Joseph Rowntree Foundation to show the impact of climate change in England.  The software highlights ‘hot spots’ and provides an insight into of inequalities at a local level indicating the vulnerability of neighbourhoods in England to flooding, heat and fuel poverty. It is hoped that Climate Just will be used by key stakeholders such as  local authorities and their partners to help decision making and dissemination of important research findings. Katharine Knox, Programme Manager at the Joseph Rowntree Foundation said:

“The Climate Just website highlights both what makes people vulnerable and which places may be most climate disadvantaged. We hope this will help organisations to better understand the issues and the actions they can take to respond, whether through community engagement and awareness raising to increase resilience, or direct measures for example to improve flood protection or tackle fuel poverty”.

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