Opportunity: PhD Studentship - Modelling systems of natural and engineered beaches


Coastal erosion and flooding are global environmental and economic threats, and existing coastal defence structures are aging, exposing the communities to increased hazard. Many of these structures exist in combination with natural beaches and a modification to either the natural or the engineered element of this system impacting on the other.

The PhD project will focus on the numerical modelling of the performance of composite systems of natural beaches and coastal defence structures in order to simulate and thereby understand how these systems behave.

The student will focus on the numerical modelling of beach and structure response using state of the art software for the hydro- and morpho-dynamics of beaches, such as XBeach and Delft3D. He/She will focus on the Crosby Seawall, U.K. in order to develop and validate the model, and will also work in close contact with the National Oceanographic Centre in Liverpool for the definition of large-scale wave and water level conditions for the extreme events that will be studied in detail.

Full details available on the website.

For informal enquiries regarding this studentship please contact Dr Riccardo Briganti