RSE report urges for a more holistic approach to building resilience


A new report launched by The Royal Society; Resilience to Extreme Weather highlights the risks posed to society by extreme weather and points towards a more holistic approach towards building resilient societies that considers sustainable approaches and societal benefits in responses. 

The report uses mapping and demographic data to identify where ‘growth in vulnerable people exposed to floods, droughts and heatwaves’ will be focused under future scenarios. 

While the report suggests that a business as usual approach to building defence infrastructure can protect from hazards at the local level, an approach that considers both physical and social techniques, will be most effective in reducing vulnerability.  One of the key messages from the report is that those investing in defence infrastructure should

'look beyond traditional engineering towards those based on natural ecosystems or processes'.

Read the executive summary here.

For the full report, use this link.

You can read the RSE blog on the resillience project here