RSPB Scotland Launch Report: Glorious Mud – homes for nature, protection for people

RSPB Nature Reserve

RSPB Scotland has published a new policy report entitled Glorious Mud – homes for nature, protection for people.

Scotland’s wet, muddy coastal habitats are threatened by sea level rise and the impacts of climate change. We are at risk of losing the homes they provide for wildlife and their flood protection benefits. RSPB Scotland’s Nigg Bay reserve was the site of the Scotland’s first managed realignment project in 2003. It showed the potential for the technique and the results can be seen in this report alongside a short video.  However, we will need much more planned realignment of the coast in preparation for the impacts of a changing climate.

Scotland needs to recreate a swathe of lost intertidal habitats along the coast to protect us from flooding and climate change, as well as providing more homes for wildlife. To make this happen the report makes 10 recommendations including:

  • A new blueprint for coastal adaptation and change
  • New funding for managed realignment projects to start protecting the coast now
  • A target of 4 managed realignment projects completed by Dec 2018 with a new long-term target set for the area of intertidal habitat to be created through managed realignment in Scotland.

If you would like to discuss the report Jim Densham, Senior Land Use Policy Officer at RSPB Scotland would be delighted to hear from you.