Opportunities - August 2014

A brief update

Dear Colleagues,

We have been asked to circulate news of the following opportunities to you:

  1. FCERM Infrastructure Management and Performance (iMaP) Invitation to Express Interest in attending a Research Development Workshop
  2. Impact of climate change on extreme flood events – Applications Welcome


Details on these opporuntits and how to apply can be found below.


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FCERM Infrastructure Management and Performance (iMaP)

Scoping of a major new research initiative - Invitation to Express Interest in attending a Research Development Workshop

The Environment Agency have commissioned Paul Sayers and Prof Jim Hall to scope a significant programme of world leading research to provide a new, richer, understanding of infrastructure performance and how to manage infrastructure systems efficiently and effectively.
iMAP is not an ordinary project.  We are looking to actively engage leading practitioners within Local Authorities, Environment Agency, SEPA, NRW, Rivers Agency and consultancy together with the best academics to co-develop a programme of innovative and transformative research.
It is anticipated that the scoping study will lead to a major cross-council research submission early in 2015.

Focus of this invitation
We are now looking for academics and practitioners to attend a Research Development Workshop on 9 October 2014 in Oxford.  The workshop will act to formulate and synthesise ideas into a series of work packages with a view to submitting a coherent cross council research bid in early 2015. Both NERC and EPSRC are keen to see this submission and the input already secured from the Environment Agency demonstrates commitment from end users to ensure research impact and practical outputs. 
If you have a passion for (and understanding of) asset management, a collaborative attitude and the ability to make an extraordinary contribution to the iMAP research and/or its take-up we would like to hear from you.
How to apply to attend the Workshop
An application form (and background information) is available on-line at Paul Sayers and Partners 
We are not looking for 'formed' research ideas or project teams; we are looking for individual people capable of challenging the status quo and identifying innovative research with a line of sight to practice.  Most of all, we are looking for people willing and able to contribute openly and positively to the development of the research.
Closing date for EOI submission:  29 August 2014
Notification of decisions: 19 September 2014
For further information please email: 
Paul Sayers (paul.sayers@ouce.ox.ac.uk or paul.sayers@sayersandpartners.co.uk)
Andy Moores (andy.moores@environment-agency.gov.uk)

PhD Post: Impact of climate change on extreme flood events – Applications Welcome

To understand the complex hydrological processes that contribute to flooding, hydraulic flood-risk models are available. However, these models are not designed to accommodate probabilistic climate information, such as available through UKCP09.

This PhD project will be based in the Institute for Infrastructure and Environment and will develop a new innovative statistical model, which can define the flow boundary conditions to drive flood inundation models to simulate the complex climate information effectively and generate emulated outputs. The development of this new technique will help in mapping uncertainty during flood events in future climates.

Information and How to Apply...