University Consortium Launches Project to Reduce Risks from Surface Water and Flash Floods

Cars in flood on the Great North Road, Newcastle upon Tyne from the 28th June 2012  ncjMedia Ltd – John Millard.

Flooding From Intense Rainfall (FFIR) is a 5 year NERC funded programme which aims to reduce the risks of damage and loss of life caused by surface water and flash floods through improved identification, characterisation and prediction of interacting meteorological, hydrological and hydro-morphological processes that contribute to flooding associated with high-intensity rainfall events.

There are currently two projects within the FFIR programme, Project FRANC and Project SINATRA. FRANC – Forecasting Rainfall exploiting new data Assimilation techniques and Novel observations of Convection aims to improve short-range forecasts of severe weather via the reduction of initial condition errors. SINATRA - the Susceptibility of catchments to INTense RAinfall and flooding aims to advance scientific understanding of the processes determining the probability, incidence, and impacts of FFIR.