Webinar Q&A - The costs and impacts of the winter 13/14 floods

Webinar Q&A - Follow Up

Dear All,

Thank you to those who participated in today's webianr - the chat room was at full capacity for Lydia's webinar on The costs and impacts of the winter 13/14 floods.  We've been upgrading our software here at the university, which we think may have prevented us viewing our webinar chat function.

Since there was so much interest in this topic, we'd like to propose that you submit your questions to me at c.morgan@hw.ac.uk or directly to Lydia if you would prefer, and we'll compile a document to answer your questions.

We'll circulate the document along with the recording of the webinar, as well as putting it on the Resources section of this website.

Thanks once again for joining us for the webinar.

FCERM.net Team