What is the role of 'Big Data'in FCERM?

A new partnership project, Digital Delta, has been launched by the Dutch Ministry for Water, the local Water Authority Delfland, Deltares Science Institute and the University of Delft to utilize Big Data for more holistic water management.  It will investigate how to integrate and analyse water data from a wide range of existing data sources including precipitation measurements, water level and water quality monitors, levee sensors, radar data, model predictions as well current and historic maintenance data from sluices, pumping stations, locks and dams.

The purpose? To collect all of the data into a single accessible form to make it available not only to the Dutch water authorities, but to any interested partners to use it to build new solutions for water-related projects including, developers, research scientists and entrepreneurs to develop new innovative solutions.

Can more open access data - from one source and in one format help join up the dots in FRM?